Majordomo List Owner Guide

Special Features for List Subscribers

Changing Addresses

If someone wants to change her address from to on all mailing lists, without changing her password or any of her settings, there are two ways to do it.
  1. can send the following command to majordomo:
  2. Anyone can send the following two commands to majordomo:
    default user
In either case, both jane and ruth will need to confirm the change, with two exceptions. If the password for is used, only will need to confirm. If the site administrator does this using the master password, neither address will need to confirm the change.


Unlike other list servers, majordomo allows list owners to define any number of digests, and each digest can be delivered in one of three formats, text, index, or mime.

As an illustration, consider a list called ecofem that has three weekly digests defined, monday, midweek, and weekend. This would give a subscriber 3 x 3 = 9 choices of digest. If someone wanted to receive the midweek digest in text format, the majordomo command to accomplish this would be

set ecofem digest-midweek-text
The are no digests configured by default, and the names and distribution times of each digest are left to the list owners' imagination. To see the digests that are supported by a particular list, use the lists command, for example:
lists-full ecofem

Subscriber Flags

When a subscriber changes the status of her account with the set command, the acknowledgement she receives from majordomo will show the current settings. These settings also appear whenever someone uses the show command. There are ten settings that indicate the following features. If the feature is enabled, the name will appear in the list of settings. Use the appropriate list name in place of LIST in the examples that follow.

Our comparison of listproc and majordomo sketches how to use the set and show commands.

Scheduling Vacations

If a subscriber plans to be away from the list for a known amount of time, it is possible to leave the list for a predetermined amount of time, using the nomail option. If I wanted to stop receiving mail from the ecofem list for 10 days, I would use the command
set ecofem nomail-10d
At the end of the 10 days, majordomo will automatically reactivate my subscription, and I will start receiving messages from the list again. If I returned from vacation early, the following command would cause my subscription to be reactivated immediately:
set ecofem mail