Majordomo List Owner Guide

Recipe for a New List

Here is a recipe that will simplify the process of setting up a new list. Any word in capitals, like LIST or PASSWORD, should be replaced with the appropriate name.

Anyone planning to start a number of new lists can avoid taking these steps for every list by configuring the DEFAULT mailing list.

Any line beginning with a "#" is a comment and will be ignored by majordomo.

All majordomo commands should be sent to

For more details, see the New List Configuration page.

default password PASSWORD

# Who can subscribe?  
# open=anyone  
# closed=owner approval needed
# confirm=double-check with subscriber to prevent spoofing

configset LIST subscribe_policy = open+confirm

# Information about the list.  This appears at the bottom
# of the welcome message that is sent to new subscribers.
# This document should say a little about the subject
# matter of the LIST list, and perhaps some notes about
# policy matters, politeness, brevity, and so on.


The list owner needs to change this.


# A brief description of the list, which will appear when
# someone uses the "lists" command.

configset LIST description = The list owner needs to change this.